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Difficult to prioritize and describe the right goals? With dobee AI, it is easier to get started!

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Responding fast to opportunities and threats

The potential benefits of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are significant. Automated, data-driven sessions and decision making takes unnecessary guesswork out of strategic execution. As a result, people can see problems from new perspectives and find better ways forward. Everyone has witnessed tools like ChatGPT, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. With dobee AI, we don’t just make work easier and smarter, we improve the quality of insight and actions when you need it.

Working efficiently with smart goals

It takes time to formulate strategies and describe meaningful goals and measurable results. With dobee AI, it’s easier and more efficient to see the big picture, find the right focus and add the human touch to any goal. It’s not about replacing human intelligence, but enhancing it. By employing smart computing power to tackle simple tasks, we free up valuable time, allowing you to focus on tasks that require human creativity and intuition. With dobee AI, we aim to empower, innovate and create an impact your workspaces

Unleashing the next strategic potential

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly transforming the professional landscape, introducing groundbreaking opportunities across various fields. People are playing with generative AI and new and exciting tools for content production. The potential of AI extends far beyond, and it's reshaping the way we approach strategy, goals and OKR. With dobee AI, we aim to see people making greater impact - in the local and global scenes.


Rapid changes force leaders to re-focus more often

Leaders and managers are used to setting annual goals and strategies, but most find that changes happen so quickly that they have to set new short-term goals several times a year. With dobee AI, it becomes easier to use your existing data and identify the most urgent goals every month or quarter.

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Difficult to prioritise and describe the right goals?

A goal is often about making a change, creating something new, turning a negative trend, solving a problem, dealing with a threat or winning an opportunity. How do you describe goals and results that makes a difference for your people? With dobee AI, it is easier to prepare the most important goals and results you are aiming for.

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Add your human touch to make a difference With dobee AI.

Automagically, dobee AI simplifies how any leader analyse, prioritise and mobilise for urgent goals. It still takes empathy and emotional engagement to communicate every goal and result in a meaningful way for your people. Starting with dobee AI, you are close to the finish line!

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Want to see what goals and results dobee AI recommends for your organisation?

Sales and Revenue

Our AI-driven OKRs streamline the sales process, guiding the team with targeted objectives and ensuring revenue growth. They help prioritize high-value tasks, aiding in revenue predictability and strategic decision-making.


dobee AI aids in crafting data-informed marketing strategies, offering insights to set measurable and relevant OKRs. It enhances campaign effectiveness, customer engagement, and return on marketing investment.

Product Development

Our OKR software provides an analytical framework for the product development process. It facilitates goal-setting for innovation, quality control, and time-to-market, promoting a robust product pipeline.

Customer Success

dobee AI helps set precise OKRs to improve customer satisfaction and retention. It assists in analyzing customer feedback, guiding strategies to enhance the customer experience.

Human Resources

With dobee AI, HR teams can create effective OKRs for talent acquisition, employee engagement, and training programs. It helps align HR strategies with overall business goals, fostering a productive workforce.


Our software aids finance teams in setting and tracking financial OKRs related to cost management, revenue growth, and investment returns. This empowers teams to make data-driven decisions, promoting fiscal health.

Operations and Infrastructure

dobee AI aids in developing OKRs focused on process improvement, efficiency, and infrastructure development. It encourages operational excellence, optimizing resources, and driving growth.

Growth & improvement

Our OKR tool fosters a growth mindset, guiding teams to set ambitious yet achievable targets. It assists in tracking key growth metrics and making informed strategic adjustments.

Questions About our dobee AI?
We have Answers!

Yes, but it specifically addresses two common problems for leaders who are trying to engage people for urgent strategies, goals and results. First, most leaders find it difficult to focus and prioritize the goals which are most relevant and urgent in their organisation right now. Second, many leaders struggle to formulate and describe goals and results in a way that create a “mobilisation effect” for their audience.

dobee AI is powered by the Open AI platform, using ChatGPT. Every user of dobee AI can choose between different versions of ChatGPT, since some people prefer speed over quality and vice versa. dobee AI is inspired by the logic in the recognised OKR framework, where shared measurable key results (KR) are leading us to achieve a common objective (O) or goal. An objective should be engaging and express a change and each result should be measurable and easy to follow. In addition, dobee AI uses the SMART goal criteria in its algorithm, and Must-Win-Battles High quality output is dependent on the input provided. Highly relevant information and attachments from the leader improves the quality of the suggested objectives and results by dobee AI.

More power with dobee AI

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